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Top Ten Ways of Becoming a Better Academic Freelance Writer

Writing is not all about a talent but professionalized talent. One with the passion for writing should also posses the interest in reading. Reading from novels, biographies, history books, ethical books and other forms of books will increase one’s knowledge in a very remarkable way. Therefore one should enroll in writing classes either for a graduate writing program or other forms of writing experienced schools.

Better Writer

One should always read whatever he or she intends to write, for instance when writing about a fantasy article, fantasy novels are there to give guidance. This will broaden one’s writing skills in a very surprising degree and manner. The writer in practice should also practice his or her craft.

A good writer should also posses the manner of reading guide books to better qualities of a writer. Grammar and English in general should be practiced heavily because in most cases articles are required in English. Vocabulary usage should prevail in the article in order not to write a flat essay, which would be very boring.

‘A good writer also should be a good researcher, since writing and researching go hand in hand.’ (Martin, The writing techniques book, p32).This will facilitate better and efficient way to have a wonderful essay with a very good flow and relevancy in it. Studying the bibliographies of books read helps one learn more about research on different authors. A good writer should also be able to share his work with others in order to publish his or her writing skills; this would one way or another market the writer’s outstanding experience to those interested in the work. With this, one develops as a writer with no difficulties.

A new writer should posses writing skills like writing whatever one is very much familiar with so as to avoid penalties for irregularities. Writing frequently as much as possible will lead one to being a great writer within a short period of time. Having different writing styles and technique will guarantee one expertise in the field of writing. Success to great writing is having the same ideas described in a new and more unique way. Bringing everything into reality will leave the reader in much expectation next time.

As an essay writer, one should practice the behavior of interacting with other writers so as to share experiences and learn from others how they are fairing. This will help a writer to determine how far or close from others he or she is in writing industry. Joining writing workshops should also be considered as a method of joining writers.

A good writer should also learn how to edit his or her own work. This is by having different work drafts so as to improve the quality of the article by every new draft one derives fro the old draft. An article can never be right by a single draft hence the inevitable need for having many drafts so as to come up with a fair copy at the end.

Again as a writer the habit of spell-checking should not be considered but in turn proofreading is much recommended. This is due to the fact that spell checking uses tools that may not guarantee one of an article being free from errors as it could be after proofreading. Proofreading therefore guarantees one the accuracy for an article.

In summation, a good writer should be able to embrace any kind of feedbacks from the readers, may it be an encouragement or criticism that should not discourage the writer but give him or her more challenge to face the reality.

Written by kiefermartins

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet as an Independent Freelance Essay Writer

I am currently working at home as a model essay writer. I can honesty say it has helped me grow as an academic writer. Working for a number of wonderful online writing companies has prepared me for graduate school and has also taught me a lot about my own self motivation and my ingenious ability to research and gather data. I have learned so much in the short time since working with them and have even earned the loyalty of a few customers. I can honestly say I've had a good experience working at home.

Working at home has it perks and its difficulties. You can set your own schedule. Yet there is the point of keeping a deadline even if there is an emergency. People have and will always have options when working at home. It is that kind of freedom that can sometimes lead to frustration or bliss, it all depends on what you do with your time and your choices.

There are a lot of good reasons to work from home. There is the ease of picking your own schedule. One can pick up work and start at anytime. I think that for people to be able to do as they please, yet still develop high quality essays, is more than the best of both worlds. You get a satisfying and rewarding career and you get the flexibility of working at home.

If it's one thing I do love about being a freelance essay writer is the joy you get when someone appreciates your work and accepts you as their writer. It's a rewarding profession when you have moments where customers actually request you specifically by name. It just goes to show if you do you the job well, you will be rewarded by customer loyalty.

There are some cons to being a freelance essay writer. One of which would be taxes. You are in charge of your own taxes and you have to be the one who pays them, not the company who hires you. They don't take it out of your pay like a normal job does. You have to figure out what is deductible and how much you would need to set aside to avoid the IRS at your backdoor. The stress sometimes can get to you. I know I've been working as a freelance essay writer as of recently and at times it presents a difficulty when you have to meet deadlines and a crisis happens.

I remember when just a short while ago my laptop stopped working and I had to write twenty three pages worth of work in two days! I was freaking out! I stayed calm and realized no matter what I had to finish my work and finish it well. So I went to seeking alternative ways to get the two essays done and I did, successfully.

I won't lie to you when I say it has been a stressful and enduring time working as a freelance writer, but in all honesty it's been so rewarding. I have grown so much as a person and a writer. I am a lot more driven than before and feel empowered. I actively choose my workload and am able to start and stop when I please. I love working from home and would not have it any other way.

For anyone who is starting and hopes to make it as a freelance writer, this opportunity is a wonderful way to gain experience and practice in an area of study you love, writing. It helped me. It gave me inspiration. It gave me a hope for a future in writing without an extra stress resulting from dishonest students or academic research places.

Contributed by Rosamarie

Perfect Academic Research - Does It Exist?

Indeed, I concur that perfect research hardly exists, and that there is no hope of ever achieving results of perfect research. Pragmatically, research means the careful study or investigations conducted over a period of time to determine facts, causes or meanings for specific reasons such as increase of knowledge. Therefore, through conducting studies, one is able to derive new meanings or come up with new discoveries. Although results derived from research seem promising, their reliability or validity has for a long time been threatened with the existence of errors and biases that surround a research study.

What constitutes to research and why do we research? Generally, this has been a contentious issue. With every other researcher expressing his or her opinions, a great deal of research is produced. Due to the world’s evolvement, a number of ideas pop up, and this calls for research. Thus, it is conducted to establish facts or come up with new inventions. The end product then justifies the means; therefore, if research is conducted successfully, it is termed as successful. However, if it fails, it is discarded; hence admit that, “There is no hope of doing perfect research.”

Presently, research is composed of two derivatives; these are qualitative and quantitative. In addition, it may take other forms such as experimental, casual-comparative, historical, case study, et cetera. Of all types of research mentioned, it is hard to give assurance that either of them guarantees perfection regarding the research process or results. Generally, due to these shortcomings, research is marred by two types of errors – random and systematic. However, despite the two being the only errors, random errors occur in most research projects; and thus, cannot be avoided but minimized. The occurrence of such errors is due to variability of sampling and measurement precision. In addition, apart from the errors, biases often affect results of specific research studies.

During my Masters research on, “Effects of World Systems Theory on Depression Era Mining in the China Lake Region of California’s Mojave Desert,” I realized that the research was not perfect due to archeological records that had different facts about the inter-social interactions, human settlements and modes of production around the region. During the research, I employed the quasi-Experimental Method. Later on, I noticed that the research received conflicting facts; it was evident that the validity of the research results would be threatened.

On the other hand, research bias could be another reason of coming up with a biased research. This is mainly contributed by the wrong selection of a topic for a research paper. Researchers here tend to gather facts or arguments in favor of one’s position; thus, overlooking the scope of a research due to personal biases.

Lastly, going by the aforementioned experiences and explanations, I do concur wholly that there is no hope of doing a perfect research! The presence of one’s historical position, class, race, gender, religion and other aspects, interact, influence, limit and constrain the production of knowledge. Thus, with the never ending threat of errors and biases, it goes without saying that hopes for doing perfect research are futile. However, we are optimistic that as human beings continue to seek knowledge and wisdom, research will be done with the considerations of any chances of biases that may occur at one point or another; thus leading us to an age of perfect school research – if possible. At the moment, we are restricted to the acceptance that there is no hope of doing perfect research.

Thoughts about College Degree and Its Effect on Student's Life

A scholar has made a blatant observation that grade A students during their academic lives are now sadly working for previously grade C students. That is to say that academic qualification alone does not guarantee success in a professional life. Success is a product of many attributes, knowledge being just one of them. Where as academic degree is noble and may open many doors, however one soon learns that a degree certificate alone does not guarantee a successful professional life. Other factors like integrity, hard work, natural talents, faith, discipline, boldness, resilience, commitment, networking and building alliances all work synergistically to guarantee success in any undertaking.

Knowledge when not applied correctly may prove counterproductive in a venture. But the right application of knowledge yields success. This is what is known as wisdom; which all agree is the precursor of success. A wise person is different from a knowledgeable one. The latter often is full of data, which may be confusing in an attempt to apply all collectively. But the wise plan well their undertaking, and encompass all the other attributes named above. None of these attributes applied singularly will produce success.

However, when applied collective, they take the person who has them to the top of one’s undertaking, be it in business or profession. The leading attributes that boosts knowledge to produce success is integrity. The later is an integration of honesty and morality mainly. Honesty is required in all our day to day dealings; whether in business or social life. This is a key ingredient for a meaningful progress to take place. It generally means that one is trustworthy, truthful, transparent and accountable. In any profession team work is essential to deliver services and products to clients. One needs to be honesty with work mates to deliver services and goods to the people. When work mates discover that you are dishonest, they tend to avoid you like a plagueThis is greatly counterproductive in any profession. When aspiring for success to be establishes in success upright morals are mandatory.

Every person who is building on success requires strength to be noticed in this world. Hard work is the strength of the persons building on success. Success does not come by accident, but is located and pursued until realized. Those at peace work for it. Hence, as the saying goes, “Success is a ladder which cannot be limbed with hands in the pockets.” A single slip is known may cause a lasting injury; if one is lucky and does not die. This is where discipline comes into play. A person’s greatest victories often are those won within. Discipline means being able to charge of your systems, having self control and having the ability to say no. It serves to maintain you on the course of success by enabling a person to plan and focus well on the challenges at hand.

Where a degree certificate is learning one may pursue a talent and still be grossly successful in life. None academic professions like sports purely utilize talent for greatness. It is imperative we know that success is not measured by material wealth alone. How one impacts the world positively may be a prudent yardstick. A talent is natural heritage that can be used to excel in sports, athletics, peace missions and truth. All one needs to propel the talent is resilience and boldness. Those who give up in life and are timid in nature always miss out in the hall of fame. Hence a degree certificate does not guarantee professional success.

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